Pope & Patriarch

One in Truth and Love!

Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I are Spiritual Leaders of deep Faith and strong conviction! They have been brought together at this time in history to Solemnly Proclaim the UNITY of The Catholic Church as founded by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! They are destined to fulfill the quest of Blessed Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I when they met in Jerusalem on the banks of the Jordan River in 1964.

Popes, Patriarchs and a Saint

Working together for the UNITY of The Catholic Church

Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI along with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I

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Video Resources & Documentation

Mutual Visits of Spiritual Brothers

Feasts of Sts. Peter & Paul and St. Andrew

Since the time of Pope St. John Paul II, both the Pope of Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch, or their personal representatives have traveled to the other's respective See to observe the UNITY which exists between, as called by Pope St. John Paul II, the "two lungs"...East and West...of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  The Catholic Church was founded by Christ!

Miracle to the World!

"Holy Fire - News & Transport"

After the Patriarch of Jerusalem receives the Holy Fire and it is taken into the Basilica, it is received by many Hierarchs & Clergy from throughout the world. The flame is put into special lanterns and escorted back to their respective countres!  See the News Reports below from Greece & Romania...the joy, the mystery and the "Great Miracle of Orthodoxy" witnesses to the True Date of Holy Pascha/Easter!!

Unheard of in the West...perhaps...the holiest place on Earth...

"The Story of Orthodox Monasticism at Mt. Athos"

An unbiased view of Mt. Athos by CBS News...a true witness to  Holy Orthodoxy and the Catholic Faith of the Early Undivided Church of Christ.

Miracle of the Holy Fire

"Miracle of Orthodoxy"

A proven Miracle that is virtually unknown in the West...but, since the time of the Crusaders has been witnessed in the East and happens every year to proclaim the Resurrection that "Christ is Risen from the Dead, Trampling Down Death by Death, and to those in the Tombs, He Bestoweth Life!"

A Blessed Mother's Help

‚ÄčOur Lady of Soufanieh

It is no mere coincidence that the Apparitions and Messages of Our Blessed Lady of Soufanieh began in 1982.  This coincided with the work of Pope St. John Paul II that he was doing toward UNITY of the "Sister Churches" to repair the fractured Body of Christ. This "Miracle of Damascus" has not been promoted in the West but has been acknowledged and presented in the East and at the Vatican to Blessed John Paul II.

Our Lady's Messages...and those of Her Son...are quite clear that the Church is to be ONE and not separated.  There is even a mandate of "woe to those" who delight and persist in the division.  Certainly, this is the "Motherly push" that is needed for our Spiritual Leaders to end the dialogue and put UNITY into practice.

UNITY of Faith...UNITY of Hearts...UNITY of Love...UNITY for a Common Date of Easter/Holy Pascha...UNITY of the One-Catholic-Church!